Transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac Including Images, Attachments, Unicode Text, Headers, and Everything Else!

Let’s see how transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac is not as difficult as most internet bloggers and tech websites make it out to be.

With most of the tasks on computer, how well it goes depends on the choice of tools for the task and the skills of the person performing it. While the importance of skill cannot be overstated, it does not apply, and should not apply to everything that we do on the computer or internet. After all, not all of us have to become an IT admin to do the most basics of tasks. This is why, the choice of a tool is what makes the biggest of all differences. Same can be said about email migration tasks like transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac.

The tool for Transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac & Win

A professional and well-built email migration tool can help you convert the files quickly, without damaging the data, and with ease. Unfortunately, there are a lot of substandard apps in this category that add to the confusion and complexity rather than solving it. There is also a lot of informational noise, like tedious and drawn-out manual techniques. That can a user down the wrong path of exhaustion and even put data safety at a compromise.

If you are not willing to go down the same path, we have a better alternative for you. And it is “Mail Extractor Pro“.

Transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac

Mail Extractor Pro” is the kind of a software app you need to perform your migration with ease, safety, efficiency, and speed. It complete turns around the task of transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac on its head. The tool will convert all your email folders and other data to PST format. It is technically a Windows Outlook file, but also works on Mac Outlook as well.

There are several features that it introduces to facilitate this task. Let’s talk about the five most prominent features. The features make the most difference in the quality of the outcome and in users’ whole experience:

1. Auto-load your Apple Mail database:

Most users have one database, transfer main Apple Mail database in Outlook Mac. And for that, the tool features a single-click auto-load mechanism. It detects the main database and selects it as an input for converting into Outlook Mac. If you want to transfer other than the main database (such as backup from an external drive), you have to skip the auto-loading and instead click on “Open” to select any other Apple Mail exported folder.

2. Precise Quality outcome free of data inconsistencies:

The most crucial element in a professional tool for transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac is the ability to keep the details and precision of the original database and to not output any inconsistencies or mis-match. Many sub-par applications fall short of that. They end up missing a lot of details and altering the original meta-data and structure of your files. ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ returns highly accurate files that are completely free of any data inconsistencies. The optimized internal logic of the tool works consistently and accurately to give you complete conversion results, without skipping anything. It manages to convert all the emails and associated items, email attachments, headers and meta-data, the formatting of text, nested emails, links, email addresses, graphical elements, and so on.

3. Compute Unicode data with specialized algorithms:

Many email migration tasks yield errors relating to Unicode/non-English characters, most often in the email headers. “Mail Extractor Pro” computes such data with a specialized mechanism that is developed to target Unicode. It produces clean and error-free conversion of your emails. And other details that may be in languages other than English, such as Chinese and double-byte character-based encoding.

4. Keeps the arrangement of folders:

The tool does not mess up the folder hierarchy. It will keep all your folders and the sub-folders that are inside the parent in their original location within the overall structure. Other poorly developed apps can break this structure, making the data management very difficult. Manual methods for transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac are even more unreliable in protecting the organizational aspects of your data.

5. Very easy to use:

This is the hidden factor that if not handled properly can make even the most sophisticated and powerful software programs useless, and not just in the category of email migration. Thankfully, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ has a natural-to-use user-interface that everyone will find easy to navigate around for seamless conversion experience. All the sophisticated and high-end features are designed and integrated in such a way so as to facilitate the conversion process for the layman users and every day home users. The tool offers power and multiple features but without the cluttered and confusing UI.

Apple Mail to Outlook Mac

Get your free trial for transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac

Try it out. The free demo that works on ten emails per Apple Mail folder is a great way to do that. You can see how each feature works. How easy the interface is, and how efficiently the whole tool is built with an integrated and unified approach to deliver a seamless experience. The free demo has no limit by time.

  • Personal and commercial license
  • backed up by USL Software responsive and friendly tech support team
  • Free updates
  • Clean installation package, without unwanted apps and toolbar
  • Minimal requirement to run on MacOS smoothly
  • Small setup file size
  • Quick installation
  • Standalone desktop app that works without internet
  • Supports modern and legacy software versions (for both Apple Mail and Outlook Mac)
  • Also converts Thunderbird, Postbox, and standard MBOX in Windows Outlook / Mac Outlook.

Transferring Apple Mail to Outlook Mac can be considered a complex, daunting, and often unsafe task to handle even by experts. But as with any other thing, an arsenal of proper tools can make even the hardest task simple and efficient. So is the case with this one. “Mail Extractor Pro” fills the huge gap that has existed so far in this realm. No more do you have to manually fiddle around with your precious email files and put the integrity of files at risk. No more do you have to spend an entire day just trying to understand the technical jargon of email migration tasks. And no more do you have to be concerned about all the fine details, meta-data, images, and attachments inside the database.

Transfer Apple Mail to Outlook Mac

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“Mail Extractor Pro” takes care of all that in a professional manner. It is the only tool that is loved and appreciated by the tech administrators of large IT infrastructure and basic non-tech users equally.

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