Migrate Email from Apple Mail to Thunderbird (Unrivaled Tool With all the Essentials)

Migrate Email from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Do you find email migration generally difficult? With most of the tools out there to help you migrate data, it is not a surprise that most users have the same sentiment. They feel anxious any time they switch their email clients and have to move all the emails and other items.

It is same for migrating emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Migrate Email from Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Out of all the ways possible, only one that does the job correctly and without too many problems. And that is by converting the files using a third-party professional Apple Mail converter.

That too does not result in perfect outcome as desired, especially if you get the wrong tool to convert the databases. There are many email migration software floating around on the web and only few can work correctly.

Mail Extractor Max” is one of them. It is from USL Software and it has all the essentials one need to migrate all the emails and other items successfully.

Let’s look at the top-rated features of the tool:

Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Auto load:

In spite of fiddling around with files manually, the tool can auto load the Apple Mail database and convert everything straight from there. This source conversion fares much better than other methods and results in clean conversion without errors.

Other input options:

It can also let you manually select Apple Mail sources if you do need so, like export archives from backup locations.

Full tree structure view of folders:

Once you select the database to migrate, you can see all the folders inside it in their original hierarchy or structure.

Selection of folders:

You are free to select what folders you want to convert. Or, in other words, you can de-select any folder you do not want to convert. To exclude the empty folders all at once, there is a single click option that does just that.

More than Thunderbird output format:

This article focuses on migrating emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, but ‘Mail Extractor Max’ can also convert Apple Mail to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook 2011/2016/2019 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, and also to standard MBOX and EML files.

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