Import OLM to Apple Mail That Does Obstruct the Process in Any Discouraging Ways?

importing olm to apple mail

A few days ago, we received an email:

I just switched my company and took all my personal data from Mac Outlook database at the office in the form of OLM files. But the problem is, I use Apple Mail personally and have no found no use of the OLM files with the client. I don’t have Mac Outlook in my personal Mac computer, otherwise I could sync it with any of my email accounts on the servers. Is there any way to import OLM to Apple Mail without relying on too complicated methods?”

How to Import OLM to Apple Mail?

This is the situation many find themselves in when trying to import/export data after switching an email client. The file format that is storing all the emails from the original client isn’t supported by your new client. OLM is such a file that only works with Mac Outlook.

The good news here: yes, there is a way. But sadly, no in-built feature in Apple Mail could help you with that. You need to rely on a third-party, dedicated software. That can deliver a seamless and quick results without any complicated actions required by you.

The tool that you can try…

The one that we would recommend to this reader is “OLM Extractor Pro”. And if you are in the similar situation, do not hesitate to pick the tool up right now. It works with exceptional speed, offers a friendly interface for the beginners. And it does not impede upon your data quality or integrity of files.

import olm to apple mail

It can convert olm to mbox, eml, ics, vcf, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail (Mail Archive, Addressbook, iCal)

“OLM Extractor Pro” works in a simple way:

  1. Click “Add OLM” button and select the file you need to convert.
  2. Choose the folders for conversion or de-select any that you wish to exclude
  3. There are other optional settings that you can tweak for more control and cleaner output that suits your particular needs.
  4. Choose the output as “Apple Mail” or “MBOX”
  5. By clicking on “Convert” button, the conversion will start.
how to import olm to apple mail

The difference between choosing ‘Apple Mail’ and ‘MBOX’ is that the first option is the native database folder and is easier to import. “MBOX” on the other hand is a standard file. It works with Apple Mail but is also compatible with other clients. It is your decision which format you want to convert your OLM file to.

The additional options also allow for more freedom. For instance, by default, the read and unread emails are converted into the same original folders they belong to. But you can choose to keep them into separate folders if you wish so.

The app also works brilliantly with your contacts and calendar data in OLM file and convert them into VCF and ICS files respectively. Once again, you have the freedom to either merge all contacts/calendar into a single VCF/ICS file or convert each entry into its respectively but separate file.

Furthermore, as we noticed in our testing of the tool, it has zero problems with the data integrity. The internal framework works with your complex emails and other details in a way that does not compromise the integrity. You will get everything the way it was originally, including the order and arrangement of the folders, all the letters/characters/symbols under Unicode standard, all the graphics and media, and attachments.

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olm to apple mail

If you do not want to spend your days trying out incomplete and incompetent solutions for importing OLM to Apple Mail, we highly suggest you try out “OLM Extractor Pro” without any hesitance. It is worth mentioning that the support staff at USL Software (the company behind USL Software) is quick to offer any kind of help you need at any moment during your task.

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