Export from Mac Mail to Thunderbird for Mac and Windows!

Is There Any Other Way to Export from Mac Mail to Thunderbird than Manually Converting the Data Files!

If you are looking for ways to export from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, you likely have found many different ways to manually convert the files or other similar inefficient methods. Here is what we suggest that will put an end to the downright inferior and slow methods that are common.

Users handle most email conversion tasks manually. It can end up with somewhat decent results. But only if the folders you need to migrate are no more than one or two. Handling a large database migration manually without any use of software applications could be disastrous, both to your data and productivity.

Export from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Today, we are discussing the unique case of exporting Mac Mail to Thunderbird. We say ‘unique’ because both clients work on Mac OS X platform and theoretically support MBOX files for data import. This makes it look like the migration between them could be simple enough for you to avoid any software tools. Simply use the MBOX file from Mac Mail and paste it to Thunderbirds’ database location.

Sadly, there are two reasons why it doesn’t work the way you expect it to:

  • Firstly, Mac Mail does not support MBOX files by default. There are no directories where you can get the MBOX Files automatically. Inside the “Mail” database folder, you will find EMLX Files inside *.mbox file packages. But these *.mbox files are not the standard MBOX that you can use with Thunderbird.
  • Secondly, there is a way to archive all Mac Mail data into standard format. But doing so demands a lot of your time and efforts. And even if you manage to do everything that is needed, the chances that the outcome would still reflect few major integrity flaws in your database. Often, users do not notice these flaws until it is too late. Then the certain data elements are lost permanently.

Her eis the good part though: you do not need to face these outdated and slow methods.

We have something far better in store for you.

The Better Solution

Download “Mail Extractor Max” trial version first. As soon you install and launch it for the first time, you will immediate get the hang of it without any need for technical help or even tutorials on how to use it. The interface is designed for all users to comfortable migrate or export data from Mac Mail to Thunderbird.

export from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

So, how does it simplify an otherwise convoluted process that even the most advanced IT technicians struggle with?

Auto Load Mac Mail

The biggest tool in its arsenal is the auto-detection of your primary Apple mail database called ‘Mail’. It is located inside the users’ library folder. Rather than asking users to manually find the files, load them one by one, and then convert them to the Thunderbird compatible files or MBOX, “Mail Extractor Max” does everything automatically. It will target the ‘Mail’ folder (Profile or identity) and process the data for extraction right away.

Optionally, you can also specify other locations from where to pick up the database folder. This also does not require you to load the files literally, only the complete database itself.

Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Note that, ‘Mail Extractor Max’ helps you for email conversion from Apple Mail to EML, MBOX, Thunderbird Postbox, Entourage etc.

Try it.

If you have been going around looking for the best ways to export from Mac Mail to Thunderbird that does not involve the complicated manual methods, “Mail Extractor Max” will completely take you by surprise by its simplicity. Below link is for free download . It will instantly download the installer file on your computer and you can install it in no time.

The Link: https://www.mailextractormax.com/

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