How to Export Apple Mail to PST for Mac and Win Outlook?

Apple Mail to PST export

How to Export Apple Mail to PST in the Quickest Way Possible – Some Lesser-Known Tips for Efficient Email Migration!

If you are in need of exporting Apple Mail to PST, so that you can migrate your emails to Outlook. But you are not fully equipped with tools or knowledge to perform the task productively. This article will help you along.

How to Export Apple Mail to PST?

When you use anything on computer, such as email clients like Apple Mail and Outlook. And, in fact, even the whole email communication technology – the entire point of doing so is to be more productive than without these tools. We live in a fast-paced world where time is the most valuable commodity.

Considering that, when an unexpected task falls upon you in the middle of your work week, it can be quite frustrating. Especially if in general, the task is time consuming. And if you lack adequate skills, experience, or tools to execute the task in hand, it can be even more frustrating to first go through all the different tools, software, and tutorials and see what works and what does not. No where is this more blatant than with email migration between two different email clients that are for two different operating systems. We are indeed talking about exporting Apple Mail to PST to transfer the emails to Windows Outlook.

If done through ordinary means and tools, and if the Apple Mail database is large in size, it can put quite a big dent in your productivity.

Solution to export Apple Mail to PST

But fear not, as we will discuss below the quickest possible answer to the problem of exporting Apple Mail to PST. It will quickly migrate all your data to the PST files. You can perform without endangering the integrity of the database, but will also get the job done in no time. Migrating large email databases quickly is as important a feature of any migration tool as any other. If the software works on all fronts but takes unreasonably long time to convert the files, it can be impractical and not at all worth it.

The migration tool for exporting Apple Mail to PST that we recommend confidently is Mail Extractor Pro. At the heart of the tool is its excellent conversion engine. That takes all the input data files and process them into new PST format without issues. But it does so in half the time any other tool will take. One of the main reasons why “Mail Extractor Pro” is hailed as the quickest Apple Mail to PST converter. Because it can pick up your primary database automatically, making your job of exporting emails to any archived files like MBOX unnecessary. All you have to do with this tool is click on “Load”. And then either choose ‘Auto-load’ or simply specify the location of any backup Apple Mail export folder.

export apple mail to pst

Accurate Conversion, Preserve all data

The algorithms that convert data into PST are written. And it ensures 100% retention of information that are stored in email files. From images to attachments, headers to Unicode text, MIME content to nested emails, and whatever else is there. It gets safely migrated into PST files at no loss. The tool also maintains the hierarchy of the folders, including all the sub-folders. Also, it can preserve the status of read/unread emails. In short, it is the most accurate tool to export Apple Mail to PST. It keeps the original structure of database maintained when transferring the data to PST. And the fact that it does that in half the time makes it the most favorable application for this task that is currently available today.

how to export apple mail to pst

Free Trial to evaluate

If you want to see it for yourself, there is a free trial version that works on ten emails per folder. But it gives access to all other features. Download the free trial. It will take no more than 5 minutes to download and install and to convert.

Apple Mail Export to PST

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If you are the kind of user that loves to stay productive, even if unexpected tasks like migrating Apple Mail to Outlook suddenly falls in your schedule. You are going to love “Mail Extractor Pro.”

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