How to import EML files to Outlook mac comfortably in the first attempt itself?

import eml files into Outlook

Those who do not want manual steps or learning curves in answer to how to import EML files into Outlook PST have exactly what they are looking for in Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. It is the best option out there for beginners as well as regular converters of mail formats. One of the most noticeable things about this software is its ability to convert data from several mail clients, namely apple mail, thunderbird, MBOX, EML and Postbox into the pst format.

eml files into outlook

Not that it can convert EML, MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird and Apple Mail to PST file format.

Most formidable tasks made easy with this EML to PST converter

One does not have to deal with either the repetitiveness or the complexity of data conversion anymore. This software is the best answer to how to import EML messages into Outlook 2010 and provides you with all that one looks for in a mail converter. It provides one with easy and automated access to mail conversion. The process itself is quite simple and elaborated below.

  • One is supposed to first download and install this software, open it with a double-click on its icon.
  • It will display several options to the user, once the user chooses the entire database would be selected.
  • The user would then have to deselect the files that they do not want to convert, the unticked ones will go for conversion.
  • By ticking the box on the right side one can do away with the empty folders at once. Also, one gets to choose the number of files they would like to split the large pst files into.
  • It is a matter of just a little time before the results are produced after one has given the command for the conversion.

Saves huge amounts of time

As you would have noticed, to convert data one does not have to move the data to a windows device. Since the conversion takes place directly in the mac, there is lesser time required and the steps of the conversion are also simpler.

Converting data in bulk is another feature that the users get to convert data in lesser time. They do not have to spend as much time as they usually have to, neither does the process remain repetitive thanks to this.

Safe ground to all languages

The user does not have to take precautions to keep their data safe using this software. It makes sure that everything remains safe. It is compatible with double-byte characters, so converting files that use Unicode does not remain a problem.

Keeps data sequentially arranged

The folders and subfolders are arranged in a sequential order by the software. So locating them would take no time at all. Also, it makes sure that metadata, attachments and nested messages remain safe and at their expected positions. Contact us for any doubts or questions at the client support for instant solution.

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