Convert ost to desirable format with flawless precision

The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is the app every Mac and Apple user careful for the safety of their data have been waiting for. This app is an expert not only in the task to convert ost to pst format but also an expert in handling of files. Risk of data corruption and loss is nil with this app as it taken all precautions to prevent them. It is applicable to mail files irrespective of their language and the content of the files.

Safest ever app for ost conversion:

There are many reasons as to why one needs to convert ost files to pst format to which most users are ignorant. The primary reason one should consider converting their files is that the ost format is highly unreliable and risky. It can pose danger to important data of users as it becomes inaccessible in many cases- hardware corruption, abrupt shutdown of system, and deleting of Exchange account to which the ost files are linked. These are reasons enough for people to update on the task to convert ost to pst format on a regular basis. Migration of files requires an expert tool and the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is perfectly capable of the task.


Ultimate: Recover Everything

The OST Converter has plenty of features which make the conversion task more accessible and less open to risks of corruption. Integrity of the clients’ data is not affected either since it allows users to convert files along with complex elements like non-English languages, double-byte characters, headers, contacts, calendars. Apart from that, it can also manage the conversion of files in any given size. Mails we receive on a daily basis tend to accumulate and become big in size over time. However, this doesn’t affect either the integrity of the task or the speed of it. Different version of the ost files are supported by this app as well, be it Exchange version from 5.0 to 2017 or Outlook 2003 to 2016.

ost conversion

Choices: Recover Into Multiple Output Options

Operating the tool is easier than ever and can be handled even y novices. The client doesn’t have to do anything except choosing the files they want converted. They can choose the format to which they want their files converted according to their convenience. So the ost files can be converted to pst, Thunderbird, Postbox, eml or any other format according to the OS. The best aspect of this app is that it is applicable to both- Windows as well as Mac. The user doesn’t need to plug in any other app since this tool has got all the necessary features.

ost converter

Best: Customer Support

As to customer care support, this software has the most supportive customer care team dedicated to help 24*7. The client can get suggestions and help from them anytime they need. A trial version of this app with all the features is available for free in the link below for the sake of people who want to try out its service before purchasing the full version. Purchase of full version is advised to people in order to save their time.

If your looking for ost converter for Mac / Windows, then it will be simplified your ost conversion needs.

OST to EML Converter that works on both Mac & Windows

Looking for an OST to EML converter? Try ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

OST to EML Converter

‘OST Extractor Pro’ by USL software converts the OST files into EML without any loss of your data.

It can convert ost to pst, mbox,eml, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox file formats

ost to eml converter

Let us understand what are OST files and EML files:

OST files ->

Outlook storage table (.ost) is an offline folder file in Microsoft Outlook. These files store Outlook mail data that allows users to continue their task even if users are in offline mode. User can synchronize, modify or delete the data when online.

EML files ->

EML is a file extension for an email saved to a file. It is used in Windows Live Mail, which makes it totally different from OST. It can also be used with thunderbird and other email clients. EML files can contain the header, main body, hyperlinks and attachments.

What problems would you face with OST files during migration?

Although, OST file helps us to work when we are offline but it comes with number of drawbacks. Migration fails when we are moving our work from one client to other clients like Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. The format is not compatible with other live servers and here the biggest problem comes. You can’t simply import your data in other clients if the format is not right.

Need of OST to EML converter

OST Extractor Pro for windows/Mac helps us to migrate our data from one client to other live servers without any fail.

Convert your OST Files to EML and import your data easily to windows live mail and others. It is an easy and secure way to migrate your data without any pain. Manual conversion is painful, time taking and prone to mistakes that make it a less favorable choice.

OST Extractor Pro by USL software makes the work so simple that the user can easily convert his OST files into the desired format and make use of its data with other email clients.

OST Extractor Pro by USL software

USL software provides the best tools for email migration with best features. Group of experts have made the tool to make the email migration easy. It takes care of security of the data and guarantees that no data is lost during the process. OST Extractor Pro for OST to EML conversion is one of the finest works of the company.

ost to eml

User needs to follow a few steps and the work is done is no time.

Three things to remember while converting OST files to EML format.


OST to EML conversion

The data is secured during whole process, also the data is not modified at all., user gets exactly same data which he uploaded initially in the process. Files in EML format makes it easy for the user to work with other email clients, else the data in OST format becomes useless as OST files face many issues like corruption of the files and so on.


Download the software from the given link now and convert your files in EML format.

Click here to download OST to EML converter for Mac and Windows.

Convert mbox to pst for Mac & Windows Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010

Have to Convert MBOX to PST? Here’s the Best Way to Do That.

Convert mbox to pst in a simple way

MBOX to PST conversion is a simple task if you have a great file converter. But sadly, most email migration tools don’t allow for quick and safe conversion. They have terrible UIs and even more terrible algorithms that don’t convert data accurately. The worst problem with them is that your PST files won’t be containing full original data, or at least, not with the same details and structure.

So, finding that great file converter in itself is an exhaustive job because there are so many. But now you don’t have to. Because below we recommend simply the best software application there is to convert MBOX to PST files. Keep in mind that it can also convert other Mac based email file formats to PST, but we will be focusing solely on MBOX to PST conversion.

Best way to convert mbox to pst

The converter we are talking about here is called “Mail Extractor Pro.” Below we will see how it trumps all other converters in this category, especially in the context of converting MBOX to PST files.

convert mbox to pst

It supports MBOX files from all sources:

MBOX is a common file format used by many programs and services, including Google download options for archived data, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. “Mail Extractor Pro” lets you load any files with MBOX format from any of these sources.

The output PST files are compatible with every Outlook version:

PST is a proprietary file format used by Microsoft for Outlook in Windows. The PST files the tool converts your MBOX files data into, can be used in all the Outlook versions from 97 to 2016, also including office 365 and Exchange. What’s more? The PST is also applicable for importing data in Mac Outlook.

It supports multiple files conversion at once:

So, you can now select a folder containing many MBOX files and have them converted to PST in a single attempt. And it also won’t compromise with other factors that are important, like speed, accuracy, stability, etc.

Now ignore empty folders automatically:

You can manually unclick any folder inside MBOX files from the “Folder preview and selection” screen that you don’t need in PST. But the tool additionally offers an automatic way to exclude all folders without any content inside them. By checking the “Ignore empty folders” box, you can conveniently omit those empty folders out.

It keeps the folder hierarchy same:

If there are many folders inside your MBOX files, then they must be placed in a certain hierarchy. This tool will convert MBOX to PST while staying true to your folder hierarchy. This is very important later on when you want to manage your emails in PST files in Outlook, and yet, most converters don’t convert data with accurate structure of your folders.

It lets you split large PST files:

You can simply specify the limit of the size of output PST files you want. During conversion, the tool automatically creates additional PST files as needed, all under your specified limit. Makes it easier to import them, because even though you now have more than one PST file, they are of appropriate size and Outlook can be unnecessarily uptight about importing large files.

Converts all details:

Emails have a lot of information associated with them, time and date and other header items, images (both as attached files and graphically embedded items), nested emails in conversational hierarchy, formatting of text, non-media files as attachments, and more. “Mail Extractor Pro” works with all your data items with precision and outputs detailed PST files without missing anything.

Supports Unicode:

Unicode is a universal standard for encoding text in any of the languages used today (even few ancient languages supported). Some of the characters in some languages can be tricky to process in email migration. This file conversion utility ensures complete conversion of all characters. Most important ones to mention are Chinese and Japanese (or any of their variants) because they used double-byte for a single graphical character and are most arduous information to process.

User-Friendly Interface:

Using it is going to be plain and simple. Right after you launch it, you will know instinctively what’s the next step is. All the features and action-buttons are designed and arranged in a simple manner to make it as intuitive to use as possible. If you are a basic home user without any technical experience about email migration, you will find it as easy to use as any other IT professional would.

Free of bugs:

Annoying bugs can suck the fun and efficiency out of everything. “Mail Extractor Pro” is built with extreme care and caution to not fall in the same trap. It’s perfectly clean inner framework makes it run smoothly all the time. There are absolutely no bugs in the software tool, which adds to its already quick conversion ability. It never crashes or hangs, including the time when you convert multiple and massive MBOX files to PST.

Extremely Quick:

The data conversion rate from MBOX to PST is lightning fast. It’s a relief for more advanced users with large MBOX files, because they would have to spend countless hours with inefficient tools that just take too long.

Besides all this, the tool also:

  • Comes with a free and always available tech support from USL Software, the company which developed it. Important of a good support solution can never be overstated, and USL support is one of the friendliest, most responsive, and filled with experts in email migration.
  • You get free updates to the tool throughout the lifetime.
  • Several licensing options to buy the tool, like personal, household, or large corporations.
  • One-time payment. No subscription like monthly-payment model.
  • Free trial version with the ability to convert ten items per folder. There’s no time limit so you can use it to check out the features for as long as you need, and there’s no lockdown of its features.

converting MBOX to PST

Try it free to convert mbox to pst

The setup file is small (less than 25 MB) and it installs under two minutes or less. You can download the installer/setup file here and get started instantly.

Download and

mbox to pst conversion

How to convert mbox to pst with it?

  1. Download, install and launch it.mbox to pst
  2. Click on Load: MBOX filembox to pst converter
  3. Locate mbox file and click on open.
    • Select single mbox file
    • OR select a folder containing mbox files
  4. Check optional settings and set pst file size.convert mbox to pst file
  5. Click on ‘convert’, that’s it.mbox pst converter

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today to convert mbox to pst file for Windows & Mac Outlook (All version supported).

Convert OLM to RGE File for MS Entourage 2004/2008

Struggling to Convert OLM to RGE Files? Here’s What You Need!

How to Convert OLM to RGE files?

Microsoft Entourage is a long-discontinued email client by Microsoft, but it is still used by many. Which makes it difficult for users with Outlook to move data to Entourage. Because, even though both clients are by Microsoft, they are not similar in any way. Outlook is much modern client than Entourage. This is most important when it comes to their data files that store the emails.

Outlook uses OLM and Entourage uses RGE.

Therefore, if you want to move your Outlook data to Entourage, or you want to share your Outlook data with an Entourage user, you can’t simply use the OLM file. Entourage can’t detect or read that format.

Which brings us to the most obvious solution: convert the OLM files to RGE.

But sadly, it’s not that simple. There are certain types of file conversion that are too simple and can be performed in under a few minutes using online free tools. But when it comes to email files like OLM and RGE, you can’t get it done in a similar manner.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it quickly. Fortunately, there exists a few good OLM to RGE converters that you can use today. The problem is that these are very few and you may not find the one you need. And most of them may be decent enough but have a tiny missing link or a tiny flaw somewhere. This doesn’t affect all, but in few unique cases, these limitations can be deal breakers.

The OLM to RGE Converter

That’s why we bring the perfect and a complete OLM to RGE converter today. It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro,” which is the most exhaustive and through software utility you can get for this task. It’s a tool that extracts data from OLM files, as the name suggests. It can also convert OLM to other formats like MBOX and EML.

olm to rge

The reason most users pick “OLM Extractor Pro” is multi-fold. The biggest one may be that it is the simplest to use and yet rich with powerful features. The interface is basic and intuitive, even for someone who may not have done this before or has no idea about the technical details behind it. You just launch it after installation and just follow the instructions. It can’t get more straightforward than that. There’s not much manual steps involved that would frustrate a basic user.

And for more advanced level conversion, it also features support like batch conversion, manual folder selection, and so on.

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Get it to convert OLM to RGE

OLM Extractor Pro” is from ULS Software, which should add a layer of relief and confident in you. Because USL software has been around for ages now and all of their products have been received well. They lead in the email migration category. The tools from USL software have been used by both basic home users and large companies and have received equally well positive reviews.

Moreover, with USL Software, you get something that isn’t offered by other ordinary solutions, like tech support, free lifetime updates, and commercial and personal license for activating the tool.

It can be downloaded here for free to be used for converting olm to rge & other formats.

OST Extractor Pro by USL Software for safe data conversion

The OST Extractor Pro is a necessity for everyone who has their files saved in the ost format. This app can be used to convert the mail files as well as contacts and calendars. All kind of data is unsafe in the ost format which is meant to be used only as a temporary storage format. The clients should convert their ost files into the pst format at the soonest to avoid the dangers of data corruption in the case of attack of virus or malware, in case of abrupt shutdown of system, loss of Exchange account, or hardware failure. The OST Extractor Pro is the best choice for an ost to pst converter since it can deal with a variety of complications without glitches.

ost extractor pro

Speedier conversion with OST Extractor Pro:

The OST Extractor Pro is useful not only for accumulated mail files but also for such components as contacts, calendars, and non-English texts. It has high speed by the standards of a converter app and can convert hundreds of files at once with its batch conversion technology. Apart from faster speed, this app also provides variety in data conversion with its ability to convert and preserve all kinds of texts- non-English languages, double-byte characters, etc. The multiple language scheme is particularly helpful since people receive mails in foreign languages on a regular basis. Also, foreign language students can benefit from this feature and have access to their files unsullied by the conversion process. Files in non-English languages usually end up getting converted into junk if the client uses an ordinary converter app. The users of the OST Extractor Pro do not have to worry about the size of the files either, this app can deal with all sizes of files.

safe data conversion

Safe & Secure Conversion

People unaware of the way storage of files works in offline condition must not have converted their files into a safer format since long. This means that the files get collected in various versions of the ost format. While other apps provide their service only for the latest version of the ost format, the OST Extractor Pro is able to convert files from all versions- from Exchange 5.0 to 2017 to Outlook 2003 to 2016. Unique texts like metadata and headers are kept intact while the conversion. Similarly, the sequence of the files into folders and folders is kept unmoved throughout the process as well.

fast conversion

Fast Conversion with OST Extractor Pro

Data safety is a huge issue with mail conversion apps. If one uses a freeware or tries to handle the task manually, there is always a chance of data corruption. This app however has worked on the different aspects of it and can provide the fastest conversion service without compromising on the safety. Also, its GUI is quite user-friendly and can be operated by anyone without the need of guidance.

Friendly Support

To conclude, the OST Extractor Pro is one of the best service providers and is quite service-oriented. Apart from providing safe and fast conversion service, it also provides helpful client support system. The client can contact the customer care service in case of any confusion or for inquiry and their demand will be taken care of.

ost extractor pro by usl softwareGet OST Extractor Pro today for safe data conversion.


Export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail (Mailbox, Address-book, Calendar)

How to export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail with a tool that works so efficiency and easily, it’s almost a wonder there’s any other method that even exists. Check out how simple, accurate, and productive an email migration job like this can be, if you have proper set of tools.

Export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

Email migration domain is filled with painful stories of data loss, productivity loss, and essentially anything that’s not wanted. The difference in file formats you are converting, the size of databases, and lack of support all combine into one nightmarish process that is hard even for advanced users to come out of.

Exporting emails from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail is in similar category. Even though both works flawlessly on Mac OS X, the lack of a common data file makes it a terrible process to move emails or other items.

Through third-party tools, there’s a way to simplify things and find a way to undergo the transition process with little bit of efforts. But that’s just for experts and for those who are aware of complex jargon and can perform manual steps.

Command line tools offer some flexibility and a workaround if you have large scale migration projects.

But all of these are applicable only for IT professionals, and yet for them it’s a menacing process that they don’t want to go through.

The good news is there’s a possible way to make this a seamless job that anyone can perform and end up with accurately converted files. Exporting Mac Outlook to Apple Mail can be done easily and precisely, considering you have a professionally tool handy with you.

And where to look for such effective solutions?

Do not worry. We are not going to recommend you to go and scavenge the web looking through each peephole and this vast mesh of software websites to find one perfection solution. Because the tool recommended below is the best that you can use right now and it works so well both in terms of its interface and data accuracy that it may even surprise you.

This is made possible by the excellent team of developers at USL Software that have been offering well-made professional email migration tools for years. Through smart algorithms, dedicated logic, aggregate of software and services – USL Software has managed to sidestep every predicament and can of worms that make traditional tools such a pain to use.

Tool to Export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

It goes by the official name of “OLM Extractor Pro,” and comes in several pricing packages, including a free trial version as well that you can download using the link give in this article at the end.

export mac outlook to apple mail

There’s also 24×7 customer support that can help in case you need any.

However, with the simple UI and a systematic approach that fits every user (advanced and beginners), it’s less likely that you will need any outside support. Just launch the tool after installation and you will intuitively understand how it works, thanks to the basic UI elements that make it easy to implement the features and to go through each step in a natural manner.

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Get it to Export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

OLM Extractor Pro” also shines in its data accuracy ability. The converted Apple Mail files match the input Outlook data down to the smallest detail. Nothing is fragmented, modified, or lost. From non-English text to folder hierarchy to attachment and images, you will get everything as it was in original Outlook files.

You can check it out through the free trial version here to export Mac Outlook to Apple Mail.

Consistency in data transfer with most eligible migration app

People have a lot of their data files saved in the ost format unwitting of the usual dangers involved in the practice. The ost format is not advised for storing files since it is easily threatened in case of any kind of discrepancy. Be it something as trivial as abrupt shutdown of system or the attack of virus or malware, or be it a case of hardware corruption, the ost files become instantly inaccessible. in order to make ones’ files safer, the only option is to convert the files into a safer format. Since the process of data conversion is quite complicated, the wise course of action is to get a converter tool for the process. The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is the best available option for this task as it is safe as it is reliable.

ost extractor pro
OST Extractor Pro works on both Mac and Windows.

Get the OST Extractor Pro and become carefree about data:

Having known the risks involved in storing important information in ost format, people usually choose to convert their files into a safer format. However, the attempt at converting files by oneself or by using a freeware often results in the corruption of files. To avoid this, the users should certainly choose the professional OST Extractor Pro. This app has made the process of conversion free of any potential risks. It has a list of features specially designed to meet the threats of risks. Rising above such trivialities as non-English languages and Unicode components, this app can convert any kind of file without risking their security. Inability of apps to be convert files in non-English languages and having unique content like double-byte characters, metadata, and headers often results in their corruption, not with this expert app.

Fast, Safe & Secure Conversion

Fast speed is desired by each individual so that they can access the finished results in as less time as possible. The results are blazing fast in this app with its ability to convert files in bulk. The batch conversion ability of this app lets clients convert multiple files at once. Not only is the process faster with this feature, all precaution has been taken to make sure that the consistency or quality of the task is not affected.

Convert from any sources

In order to make the task easier for all variety of clients, this app comes with an ability to convert files irrespective of their format. It has wide reach in terms of variety as it convert files in any format- from Exchange 5.0 to 2017 and Outlook 2003 to 2016, thus excluding any chance of the files missing the process of conversion. Also, it converts not only mail files but also the files like contacts and calendars. Similarly, hierarchy of files is maintained automatically by this app.

Free trial to evaluate

Choosing this app for conversion of ost files would be a wise investment. In order to secure client satisfaction, this software also provides a free trial version of the full app. The client can also contact the customer support executives in case of any inquiry or confusion.

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