Apple Mail to EML Converter (Safe and Accurate Email Migration)!

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Apple Mail to EML Converter from USL Software, called “Mail Extractor Max” – is the one that you can trust for safe and consistent email migration results.

The Apple Mail to EML Converter Tool

Mail Extractor Max” is a trusted Apple Mail to EML converter by experts worldwide. It delivers safe, quick, and consistent email migration results in a way that no other tool can.

apple mail to eml

Key Features

  • Easy to install. Requires no complicated setup or configuration.
  • Easy to use. Thanks to its amazing and user-friendly graphical based interface.
  • Converts all elements from Apple Mail:
    • Images/graphics
    • Email attachments
    • Email headers
    • Read/unread status
    • Metadata
    • Links
    • Email addresses/contacts
    • Cloud-based files
    • Nested emails
  • Supports Unicode text conversion
  • Converts MIME defined contents easily
  • Keeps the folder hierarchy intact
  • Retains the text formatting of emails
  • Converts data quickly without wasting your time
  • Quick button to skip past any empty folder from Apple Mail
  • Auto-load Apple Mail default database
  • Allows converting of any backup Apple Mail databases
  • Also converts Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Postbox, and Entourage
  • Comes with full technical support available 24 x 7
  • Standalone application that runs on its own. Doesn’t even need internet connection.
  • Lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of computer resources
  • Small size setup file and also doesn’t take much disk space after installation
  • No unwanted third-party installation


Here is a quick guide to use “Mail Extractor Max” to convert Apple Mail to EML files:

  • Start by downloading it from the link given below
  • Start the installation procedure and simply follow the on-screen instructions to install
  • Launch after installation
  • Click on “Load” and select either Autoload or Open to select the Apple Mail database you want to convert to EML
  • Remove any folder you don’t want to convert (Optional step)
  • Select “EML” from dropdown menu as your desired output format
  • Select the folder you want the tool to save the EML files after the conversion is over and click “Convert” to start

That’s it. In just a few steps, you would have successfully converted Apple Mail database to EML files.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q1: Does it need MBOX files to convert Apple Mail data

Answer: No. The tool can use the entire Apple Mail database (mailboxes) as a whole as input or source to convert data from.

Q2: Does it require Apple Mail to be installed on the machine?

Answer: It needs Apple Mail client to be installed but only for Autoload option. But if you have the exported mailbox database already, in any location (such as hard disk), you can select that as the source/input, which doesn’t need the client to be installed on your machine.

Q3: Does it convert special characters and non-English text from headers?

Answer: Yes, it supports conversion of Unicode format, which is the universal standard for encoding most of the world’s languages and writing systems, including special characters. It also supports MIME content conversion.

Q4: Can a non-tech savvy user use it for converting Apple Mail to EML files?

Answer: The interface is designed to suit beginners and amateur users. You do not need any skill or even be informed about email migration related jargon and heavy technical language.

Q5: Is there a way to try it before buying?

Answer: Yes, there’s a free trial version that you can download. You don’t need to enter any information to download the setup file and to start the trial version. It’s also for unlimited time and doesn’t disable any feature. The only part that makes it a trial version that it will limit number of emails to ten per folder that it can convert to EML files.

apple mail to eml converter

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Mail Extractor Max” is a remarkable Apple Mail to EML converter that is unlike any converter you may have heard about or used in the past. Its super-fast algorithms allow you to migrate your emails without ruining your productivity, but also ensure 100% and exhaustive conversion. And the amazingly simple interface is what brings all the features together and deliver a seamless experience of transferring emails and convert Apple Mail to EML files.

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